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If you have been a Guest of the 15 and attending our events, you might want to consider applying to become a member.

Why become a member of the 15? First, we are one of the oldest and most prestigious BDSM clubs in the world. Our club colors are recognized by players everywhere — in effect, you'll have earned the “Good Dungeon Seal of Approval.” Second, you’ll be joining (and meeting) a select group of men who take their play seriously. We believe in mentoring each other to become better players. Every month we get together and throw the best damn BDSM play events around, and your efforts as a member can ensure we keep doing that. And finally, you’ll get party discounts, and priority over non-members for an invitation to our annual Boot Camp run, and also for Advance Ticket Required play parties.

The basic process for membership is that you have to volunteer at events, and get three members to sponsor you. We ask for you to volunteer so we can get to know you better, and because how someone gives back says a lot about them as a person. We want our members to be willing to dig in and help the club as a whole.

We ask for three sponsors because becoming a member of The 15 Association means the club is vouching for your abilities and character. We take that screening responsibility seriously. At least three existing members need to know you well enough to testify about your abilities as a BDSM player, and your character as a person, to be willing to sponsor you for membership.

Interested? Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Make sure you have a photo uploaded in your profile. A headshot is required, so we can recognize you at parties. Nude body or genitalia shots are prohibited. This is not because we’re prudes, but because it’s hard to tell who you are that way. (Contrary to the stereotype, we don’t recognize you by your dick or your ass.)
  2. Volunteer at events. You need to volunteer at least three times if you are local (less then 100 miles from San Francisco). If you live more than 100 miles away, you only need to volunteer twice. To volunteer, click on the “Volunteer for Events” link in the “Members & Guests” menu to sign up for volunteer shifts. Most volunteer shifts are simple, such as an hour helping out at the front door, doing coat check, or assisting with party setup/tear-down. If you’re in a hurry to become a member, you can even sign up for more than one shift at the same party.
  3. You need to have three current members sponsor you. At least one of those sponsors needs to be a member of the Fraternal Committee. Make sure you talk to people in the social area at our events, and ask who is a Fraternal. Hint: The person checking you in at the Front Desk of our parties is always a Fraternal. If you start the application process, when you log into the website you’ll see a message that contains a link to a directory of all the Fraternals.
  4. Talk to the Membership Chair about becoming a member. If the Membership Chair thinks you’re a good fit, you’ll get an email. This will allow you to enter the names of your three sponsors into our website.
  5. Your sponsors will get an email asking them to complete sponsorship forms. You’ll be able to see on the website which sponsors have completed the forms.
  6. When all the sponsorship forms have been submitted, the Membership Chair will review them, and decide if you should receive an invitation to become a member. If yes, you will get an email asking you to complete the online application.
  7. Your completed application and the sponsor forms will be reviewed by the entire Fraternal Committee at the next scheduled meeting. If there are any questions, the Committee might table your application and ask you for more information.  Otherwise, if the Fraternal Committee approves, you’ll become a member. Congratulations!
  8. You then need to either mail a check for $80 ($60 dues and $20 for the club patches) to our post office box, at the address listed on the “Contact Us” page, or pay your dues online by credit card. You’ll be prompted whenever you next log in to The 15’s website. After you pay, you’ll be sent your Membership Card and patches.