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Privacy Policy

Who sees your information?

That depends if you are a Member or a Guest.

If you are a Guest, this information is only visible to you and to the Board of Directors ("Fraternals") of The 15 Association. We use this information only to send out email announcements of play events and other 15 Association events and to pre-print a Release of Liability form which is required to attend our play events. Fraternals may access your information if they need to contact you about business related to The 15 Association.

If you are a Member of The 15 Association, this information is only visible to other members. Members may indicate that their information is "Private," in which case it will not appear in the Directory to other Members, but will still be accessible to Fraternals.  Otherwise, Members can control how their information appears in the Member Directory (First Name and the "Member Since" date always display; if the member enters "Roster Notes" those display; and the member can turn on or off the display of Last Name, Street Address, City/State/Zip/Country, Phone Number, Profile address, Photo, and select if they want other members to be able to send a message to their email through the website). 

For both Members and Guests, if you have checked the appropriate option in your profile, you may also receive emails about other BDSM-related events in the San Francisco area, although this rarely happens.

How long is this information retained?

The information is retained for three years after your last event attended, or the last time you logged into our website, whichever is later.

How often do you send out emails?

Normally, about twice a month. We have a newsletter called the Inquisitor that lists upcoming events of The 15 Association, and other noteworthy BDSM-related news and events for the San Francisco Bay area. It normally comes out near the beginning of the month.

If there is a 15 Association sponsored event occurring, there will be an email reminder approximately 10 days before the event. There is only one email per week, even if more than one event is happening on a weekend.

You can specify on your profile that you do not wish to be contacted by email, in which case you will not receive either of these, and will have to visit the website to stay current about news and events of The 15 Association.

What do you send through the US Mail?

As a Guest, nothing will be mailed to you through the US Mail. We used to mail out party reminders, but that ended around 2008.

As a Member, if you have indicated you don’t want to receive emails, we’ll mail your membership renewal information to you.

What is the Release Form and what information do you require?

If you attend a 15 Association BDSM event, you will be required to complete a Release of Liability form. Your legal name (as it appears on a government-issued photo ID), your address, and your birth date are required. They will be printed onto the Release Form which you either bring to the Front Desk at the party or we print at the Front Desk. After your name, address, and birthday are verified against your ID and your Release Form is signed, you will be admitted to the event. The form is kept on file for a minimum of seven years.

If you choose to provide it, a phone number and email address can be useful. The email address will let you receive, if you so designate, reminders about future events of The 15 Association. This information is never lent or sold. The phone number is useful if you choose to volunteer at an event, although most of the communication relating to volunteering is by email.

How can I delete my information?

Guests may delete their information that is on file. However, that means they will no longer be admitted to our events, and will not be able to attend a 15 event without either being sponsored by a member, the guest of someone else on the Door List, or having to reapply through the website to be placed on the Door List. Information provided by Guests is automatically removed three years after their last involvement with The 15.

If you want to delete your information, you can log into the website and choose "Delete" to delete your information, in which case only your name, city, state, and email address are retained. (We need a certain minimum of information to be able to track attendees at events to match them up to our Release Forms on file, should the need arise.)

Members can only delete their information after they become non-members.

I only use my scene name... I never tell anyone my real name.

That’s nice for you, but our lawyer wants a real name and a real signature on our Release Form, and without them, you will not be able to attend our events. Sorry. But once you get past the front desk, your secret is safe with us.