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How to contact us:

Snail Mail Address:

The 15 Association
PMB 810
584 Castro Street
San Francisco, CA 94114-2594

By Email:

Please enter the following code in the box: 4859331

These are the people to contact if you have specific issues:

Questions about Attending a Play Party?

  • Normally, you should use the "Request Play Party Invitation" link at the left.  Only contact the Party Request Processor through this page if there is something very unusual about your request.  If you have a question about the logistics at a Party, contact the Party Chair.
  • If you got an email requesting more information about submitting a Play Party Invitation, you can respond back by selecting the "Party Request Processor" from the drop-down list.

Volunteering at a Play Party or other Event?

  • Use the "Volunteer for Events" item.  Don't use the Party Chair, Party Outreach, Membership Chair, or any other item, because all that will happen is your message will be delayed as they forward it to the Volunteer Coordinator.

Attending Boot Camp?

  • Use the "Bootcamp Coordinator" item.

Not sure about membership status, membership application in progress or prospective member sponsorship, or if dues were paid? Or interested in becoming a member?

  • Use the "Membership Chair" item.

Can't remember your username or password?

  • First, try the "Login / Logout" page, and use the "Forgot Username and/or Password" form.
  • Otherwise, use the "Webmaster" item.